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2011 Sticks & Bones Trail 10k

9 Apr

This race took place at the Renaissance Park mountain bike trails.┬áThere are two 5k loops there–they are separated by a parking lot. One is considered easier (by the baseball fields) and the other is considered more technical (by the volleyball courts), though they both have lots of twists, turns, hills, rocks, drops, etc. Continue reading


2011 Hardcore Serious Trail 15k

26 Feb

This past Saturday I ran my first trail race, the Hardcore Serious Trail Run 5k/10k/15k. This was an interesting race structure where the 5k started at 9am and the 10k started at 10am so the sign-up options were to race the 5k, race the 10k, or to race both for a 15k. For better or worse, I decided to race both. I struggled with this decision a little bit, knowing that it would be cold in February, and I always get very cold post-run. I figured it would be worth it in the end and went for it. Continue reading